Boost Metabolism Food

I’m honored to introduce you to the Best Metabolic Boosters


Metabolism Defined:

Your metabolism is something that exists in every single cell in your body and means the numerous chemical processes that burn calories to create energy to keep you alive. Your digestive system’s ability to breathe and how your body repairs itself all hinge on your metabolism.

Short story: it’s not just about weight loss and burning calories.

Can your metabolic rate increase?                                                                                                                   ,?


‘The active ingredient in chilli pepper is capsicum, it’s this which has been associated with a boosted metabolism.

The research suggests that it can have a negligible effect on your metabolism although again not enough to show any great effect. It’s also important to remember that studies use far larger doses than you would normally eat, which are not recommended without supervision.’

Protein-rich foods

‘It is true that protein has a higher thermic effect of feeding. This means that more energy is required to break down protein than carbohydrates and fats although this isn’t to suggest that eating more protein rich foods will cause you to lose weight.

The differences in metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates mean that protein is likely to keep you fuller for longer and therefore overall you may consume less. Although, it’s too simplistic to suggest that protein boosts your metabolism in order to lose weight.’ (more)