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Active metabolism is not only a blessing but a health booster too. It speeds up the processing of food which will help your body consume all the calories produced from the burnt food. It boosts your immunity as well and keeps you from various diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases etc.
There are several ways to speed up metabolism which is as follows:
1.Eat enough and Eat right
Not eating enough will slow down your metabolism and health too. You won’t be able to cope with daily activities. At least 1200 calories for a woman, not less than that are mandatory to keep your metabolism running, otherwise, you may feel a breakdown in your body system and can also gain some weight too. Take proper meals at proper times, add mid noon snacks too if you feel hungry for them. Take short meals after small interval instead of ending on one heavy meal.
2.Feel the Power of Breakfast
Those who avoid breakfast are just inviting health hazards for their body, nothing else. Who told you eating nothing in the morning will help you lose weight? It is just a bad practice that will lead you nowhere. Even, if you don’t find anything else grab the yogurt or try oatmeal in breakfast. It gives you an extra boost to your mind and body in the morning. Take care of your morning meal and it will take care of you, the whole day.
3.Drink Coffee or Tea
The caffeine in coffee is nervous system booster and helps you burn your calories as well. A cup of tea or coffee in a day helps you stay active in your work hours and raise your metabolism too. The antioxidant catechin in tea is the basic component to give you the boost.

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