Calculating Your Metabolic Intervention Score with Dr. Oz | Haylie Pomroy

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Because my weight loss methods are nutrient-driven, you will need to eat in a particular way and style, with targeted foods at different times of the day and throughout the week. There will be purposeful rhythm to your eating, based on the current condition of your metabolism. You will ingest those foods that contain the micronutrients and enzymes you need for fat burning. You will digest those foods fully, completely breaking them down to free up micronutrients and enzymes that convert stored fat to a usable form. Finally, you will absorb those micronutrients and convert fat into fuel for energy (rather than just breaking down the fat on your belly and redepositing it on your butt).

This is the process, but depending on the state of your metabolism, you will require different micronutrient combinations and timing to customize fat burning and weight loss to your current condition. That’s what we’re going to find out right now.

The reason I personalize your Metabolic Intervention Score rather than giving one plan for everyone is that I know the best way to make sure my clients are not successful is to treat them like the person who came in before them, or the person who is coming in after them, rather than treating them like the person they are, sitting right in front of me at that moment in time. Your MIS determines how much and what kind of food is right for you over the 14 days of the Metabolism Revolution.

You can calculate your MIS by dividing 14 pounds, which is your maximum weight loss goal for the next fourteen days, by your current body weight in pounds, taken first thing in the morning. Multiply that number by 100 to get your MIS.

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