Cooking Class: Italian Chicken Skillet

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Entice your taste buds with fresh ingredients, and healing herbs in this one-dish meal targeted to boost energy, aid in digestion and help keep inflammation down. Click here for my Italian Chicken Skillet recipe:

Real food comes from the earth, and in its healthiest form, it almost always requires some preparation. It doesn’t have to take hours. Preparing your own food is a way to take care of yourself and keep your metabolism fired up or wake it up if it has slowed down.

I spent an afternoon preparing one of my favorite dishes—my Italian Chicken Skillet—so that you could feel like we are in the kitchen together. Whether you’re nervous about cooking or you feel really confident, it doesn’t really matter as long as you embrace that you’re doing something really good for yourself, your family, or your loved ones.

I like to start by printing out my recipe. I feel like if I can touch it, it’s easier for me to refer back and forth to it. I also set my sink up ahead of time with things I’m going to need, like:

Grapeseed Oil for cleaning produce

Dr. Bronner’s Hand Soap and Hand Lotion

Seventh Generation Dishwashing Liquid and Cleanser

Visually I don’t like all this sitting on my counter all the time, I keep my soap and my hand lotion, but before I cook a big meal, I just kind of throw all this on my counter because it’s easy for me and I’m not having to dig through to find things.

When it comes to washing vegetables, people might say, “oh, it’s organic… you don’t need to wash it.” But there are bacteria, potentially parasites, funguses and yeast on the surface that can flourish on organic foods, so you want to make sure it’s healthy and safe for you to consume.

I like to cut a sponge in quarters so I can use it to scrub my fruits and vegetables, and then they pop in the dishwasher really easily to sanitize them.

This recipe is so easy to make. Watch and find out why I cried so much while making it! 🙂

I usually use a cutting board with raised edges to cut meats. (Not to gross you out, but it helps keep the juices from sliding off onto your counter.) I also like to use a smaller cutting board for meats, so I can pop it in my dishwasher.

One tip I got from a chef friend of mine is that a dull knife is a dangerous knife. So my son is really good about keeping our knives sharp.

After you scoop out your squash seeds, you can even rinse and roast them with a little sea salt for a healthy snack—just like you might do with a pumpkin or other squash. They’re amazing for the immune system and high in zinc, too!

Since everyone has different tastes and preferences, don’t hesitate to vamp it up a bit after you’ve made this once or twice. I love to use Grind to a Salt. I’m big on seasoning to towards the end of my meal as well, so you don’t lose the nutrient value.

This recipe has lots of basil, which actually helps neutralize the acidity of tomatoes for people with sensitivities. Did you know that adding celery to a Bloody Mary buffer the acidity of the pH? That’s helpful in case a Bloody Mary should ever fall into your mouth. 🙂

Can there ever be too much garlic? You can use the garlic that’s already minced, but I just want you to be really careful where you purchase it from. I have concerns about the bulk of minced garlic manufactured in other countries with the way they’re peeled and the chemicals they use.

Your food doesn’t have to be Bon-Appetit Beautiful… it can just be beautifully delicious! Just have confidence in yourself.

Get the recipe for my Italian Chicken Skillet here:

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