Highly Sought After Business Coach Melanie Parish Talks Openly About Health, Family, and Success

Full Title: Highly Sought After Business Coach Melanie Parish (Personal Client of Mine) Talks Openly About Health, Family, and Success

Your body is an amazing machine, but you need to be a good steward to keep it running at peak performance. By giving your body what it needs to function properly, you are setting it up to support you as you continue to pursue your lofty goals. In this episode, Haylie Pomroy catches up with a long-time coach, client and friend of hers, Melanie Parish, a public speaker, consultant, workshop leader, author, and Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, as well as the host of The Experimental Leader Podcast. Melanie shares how working with Haylie has led her to wonderful improvements in her own health, as well as that of her high-performing children, whom Haylie has worked with since before their birth. In addition, Haylie gives some very valuable explanations about enzymes, probiotics, hormonal balance, sleep apnea and other health topics.

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