How to Calculate your own body mass index – BMI Calculation (Easy to Understand!)

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What is Body Mass Index?

Body mass index is a measure you can determine at your home to let you know what is your body weight according to your height. It is an index of your body fat, though not perfect but gives you a fairly accurate assessment.

Metric BMI Formula

Weight (kg)/ Height (m)^2

In the metric system, we calculate BMI by dividing weight in kg by height in meters squared. Well, if you are measuring your height in centimeters, divide it by 100 to obtain it in meters. So simple it is.

Imperial BMI Formula

{Weight (lbs.) *703}/ Height (inches)^2

While in imperial system weight is measured in pounds and height in inches.

Other factors that assess BMI

BMI is not an accurate measurement, thus there are other factors which help to determine body weight too.

• Skinfold thickness measurements

• Evaluations of diet

• Physical activity

• Family history

• Other appropriate health screenings

Well, after determining your body weight and consulting where your actual weight is taking you, you need to be careful about your diet and lifestyle. Yes, these things matter a lot in acquiring ideal body weight. Well, who don’t want to get a perfect body and a perfect day out? You will feel much confident in gatherings and will improve skin health too. So, just don’t stick around pounds and kg’s, it’s time to get things going practically. No need to stress out and follow-up strict diet plans with strict work-outs, instead follow on some healthy, pre-planned meals with some mid-day snacks to give your metabolism an extra boost. Along with that, keep a water of bottle with you every time. Stop worrying about your weight, just start eating properly and healthy. Good Luck with your weights!

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