Hello, here comes my new Triceps workout / Metabolic Resistance Training (M.R.T).
This video is only a workout suggestion which I do in my gym.

Its is possible that you can not do the same exercises because you do not have the same machines I use.

In that case try other Triceps related exercises

I always start with a warm-up… doing a fast set with 10 – 20 reps with a easy setup.

The decline bench is only a suggestion – you can use a normal bench. The decline bench also target the more weaker below chest and correspond very well with the following Bar-Dips.


0. Decline bench-press warm-up 10 – 20 (with easy setup)

1. Over-head triceps extensions

2. Dips on bar (later do weighted dips)

3. Cable pull-down

4. Decline / or normal bench (heavy setup)

5. Rope pull-down

6. Triceps-press standing / seated (experimental instead of Dips)

Do 4 sets of every exercise with 6 – 8 reps each. Try to increase the weight with every set…

Do only 60 seconds rest-time between exercises / 90 seconds between Sets.

Good luck to everyone

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