Metabolism Shake Single-Serve Packets | The Fast Metabolism Diet Cleanse

Our Metabolism Shake single-serving packets feature the same flagship food-based shake you’ve come to love in brand-new on-the-go packets. Our clients are already clamoring for the added convenience. They’re perfect for busy lifestyles, or just to make things easier!

The 10-Day Fast Metabolism Cleanse is an easy way to flush out the junk and rev up your metabolism. Many of my clients lose up to 10 pounds in just 10 days on the 10-Day Cleanse, and quick, health-boosting results on the 5-Day Cleanse. Download the free booklet now:

No scooping necessary—each packet comes pre-measured. Just add to water, blend and sip. It has all the same whole foods packed with micronutrients to balance hormones, detox to open metabolic pathways, stoke your metabolism and increase your rate of burn.
Still the same organic goodness on the inside…

A healthy body will naturally stabilize high cholesterol, regulate hormones, promote mental clarity, and increase energy. This food-based blend floods your body with nutrients that nourish your metabolic pathways and help flush out the junk to rev up your metabolism. This shake has become the cornerstone of the clinic!

So much power in every single packet!

Did you know the metabolic pathways that convert hormones that make your metabolism work like it should are nutrient-dependent? This blend begins with 21 grams of vegan chickpea and lentil-based protein per serving. (Think flat belly!) And with powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients like quercetin, turmeric, and pomegranate, plus a variety of super greens like spirulina, spinach, and kale, it has more targeted nutrients in one packet than most people get all day through food!

Buy your Fast Metabolism 10-Day Cleanse Kit in Single-Serving Packets right now:

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