PCOS? Hormone Imbalance? Fatigued? Let’s Chat!

You are the only one who can truly take charge of your own health. To get the best out of your health team, you need to be clear to them about where you are and where you want to go. In this episode, Haylie Pomroy explains the importance of filling out your self-assessment and health wishlist forms in clearly defining what it is that you expect of the practitioners in your team. To demonstrate this, she brings in Melissa, one of her community members, to share one or two things from her personal wishlist. Melissa is struggling with hormonal imbalance and chronic fatigue and wants to be clear about what she can do to get balance and energy back to her life. If you’re in the same boat as Melissa is, you might also want to hear Haylie’s wonderful explanations about chronic fatigue and hormonal homeostasis. Listen in for more.

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