Quick, Satisfying, Frozen Lime Mousse to Make Your Metabolism Burn | Fast Metabolism Diet Recipe

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We do not gain weight because we eat dessert. If we gain weight from a dessert, it’s because we can’t metabolize the dessert we are eating. The goal—not just because it affects weight but because it affects aspects of health in the body—is to have the most efficient metabolism possible. If yours isn’t (yet) as efficient as it could be, don’t blame dessert. Instead, listen carefully to your body and be in awe of its ability to repair your metabolism.

In my book, desserts can be created with the implicit intention of promoting health. All that being said, refined sugar and refined carbohydrates, as well as food additives like food coloring and chemicals, can have a negative health impact that reaches far beyond mere weight gain.

So while a packaged, processed dessert made with packaged, processed ingredients is no good for your metabolism, a dessert made with whole foods in your own kitchen is sheer pleasure. Like this Frozen Lime Mousse, made with fresh limes, my Quick & Easy Dessert and Snack Mix, water and vanilla extract. Anyone with a mixer can blend this up in less than five minute and throw it in the freezer. Couldn’t be easier, or more satisfying!

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