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I love my community! They send me so many great questions about supplements and using micronutrients to help heal the metabolism and promote health. (This topic was also the first to be brought up during our cruise last year.) So I decided to bring some more community members here today to let them ask me anything they want. Amy, Nancy and Amina came up with some really good ones, from which nutrients are best going into perimenopause or menopause, to which supplements can be taken the same time, to what to take for achy joints and tissue repair after vigorous exercise.

Amy asked what supplements she can turn to as she begins her journey toward perimenopause. I recommend Metabolism Fatty Acids, since they are the building blocks for all the sex hormones. As we start producing less estrogen, the other areas of the body start to require more nutritional support, and you’ll need this not only to retail healthy hair and skin, but also to address inflammation. A lot of people don’t realize that prostaglandins can produce both inflammatory and anti-inflammatory hormones, so we want to make sure we have really easy, bioavailable nutrients to regulate those so we don’t get the hot flashes, sleepless nights, and things like that. DIM also helps metabolize non-metabolized sex hormones, which is available by itself and in my Bye Bye Belly Fat Bundle. Fatty Acids nurture your metabolic pathways to help your body balance and regulate processes the best way it can.

Nancy asked: How do we know which supplements complement each other and which ones we should take separately? I told her that I personally take Metabolism Multi, Metabolism Enzyme Balance, Metabolism Fatty Acids and Metabolism Pro-Biotic every day, and really any of my accelerators can be layered in therapeutically (like Bye Bye Belly Fat to balance hormones and unlock “fluffy,” historical fat or Fat Blaster for when you are stuck and fighting a plateau. We have others coming soon too, so watch our website and emails for announcements. And yes, they can overlap.

There are also products that I also take transiently, like Metabolism Colon or Metabolism Histamine, which I just took today because I was sneezing my head off. Since I am also sensitive to soy and gluten, this can also help get that on out.

Metabolism Free Radicals is another great one to take regularly to keep inflammatory hormones stabilized and address painful inflammatory issues. I also do my shakes all the time, as well as drink Metabolism Energy every day and Metabolism Stress before I go to bed every night. (See my Daily Slim bundle.)

Next, Amina asked what supplements would address achy joints and spark repair from exercise. For that, I told her Metabolism Free Radicals would be super helpful, but also recommended that she do some pH testing (my Lemon Challenge or 7-Day testing) to check her digestive enzyme reserves. This would also determine whether it would be best for her to put lemon or lime in her water before a workout to avoid a pro-inflammatory response afterward.

With all of my programs, you can use any accelerators you feel would be beneficial for your unique needs. Whichever ones you use, you can have confidence in their quality and purity. I will go toe-to-toe with anyone that mine are the cleanest products on planet earth. (I’m neurotic about that.) We even cage all our products for independent assaying after manufacturing, which isn’t even required in the industry and hardly anyone else does), and our facility is FDA inspected for cGMP, or good manufacturing practices.

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