Tips for Getting Through This Extended Time Indoors | Haylie Pomroy

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People have been asking me what to do when you go out and about. Whether it’s for work or shopping, it’s often necessary to venture out. So how do we take precautions?

When my mom was heading out to the grocery store the other day, she had her mask and gloves, and I told her that instead of wearing that cute cashmere sweater, we want to wear things you can throw right in the washing machine the minute we get home. So leave anything that needs to be dry cleaned in the closet for now.

With this virus, we’re looking at a fat, wrapped around a protein. Heat and surfactants break that down more efficiently than anything else. So we need hot water and soap for our clothes (and for our hands, too).

If you must work outside the home, drape a clean cover over your workspace then take that home and wash that too, each day.

Heat is helpful in the shower, too! Let that heat and steam moisten your mucosal membranes and blow your nose in there to help those linings shed anything you may have been exposed to. This tip also works well for those who suffer from environmental or seasonal allergies.

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